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Legal Information

The information below was compiled from the National Center for Transgender Equality

North Carolina Legal Name Change Laws

To obtain a legal name change in North Carolina, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. Before filing the petition, the applicant must publish notice at the courthouse door for ten days, however the publication requirement can be waived with evidence that the applicant is a victim of domestic violence, sexual offense, or stalking. Along with the petition, the applicant must submit proof of the applicant’s good character by two county citizens and FBI and State Bureau of Investigations Record Checks. Registered sex offenders are not permitted to obtain a legal name change. (N.C. Gen. Stat. Ann. §§ 101-1 to 101-8). 

  • You do not need surgery or to be transitioning in any way to change your name. 
  • Click here for the step-by-step process

Changing your Driver's License, Passport or Other Documentation in North Carolina

NC requires a "sex reassignment surgery" to change the gender marker on a drivers license, passport or birth certificate. It is not clear from the law which surgery is required, but it might be possible to ask a doctor (medical doctor) to certify that you have received a "sex reassignment surgery" based on any gender-affirming surgical procedures (like top surgery). 

  • You can ask your medical provider to help you with this.Their willingness to help may be depend on their understanding of the law, so bring a copy of the statue with you for them to review,
  • You can read more about the laws and statues in North Carolina or in other states by visiting the National Center for Transgender Equality located here.
  • You DO NOT need to have your gender marker changed to change the name on your passport or driver's license. You can do that by following the name change steps above.


North Carolina "Bathroom Law"

On March 23, 2016, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) signed into law the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act (commonly known as House Bill 2).

  • The law states that in government buildings, individuals (such as students at state-operated schools) may only use restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to the sex identified on their birth certificates. 
  • This law was repealed (meaning that it doesn't exist any longer). However, this does not prevent privately owned businesses from creating their own rules about bathroom use. 
  • The bottom line is that is that it is not illegal to use the bathroom you feel most comfortable in, but someone might still think that it is and try to call you out on it.
  • Please be safe when thinking about how you might handle an unexpected confrontation. 



Children (through 4th grade)


Teens and Young Adults


Information on RELIGIOUS Understanding of Gender Spectrum/transgender concerns

Find a Medical Provider Here:

Online Resources – Information about health, safety, sexuality and the standard protocols used in medicine. – Information for children, families, on gender spectrum topics. Easy to understand information.

7TransGuys – YouTube Channel that highlights the transition stories of  7 Black trans men.– Legal information, basic information about Trans People

Local Resources

Durham Gender Alliance • 919-399-5096 • • Website • Facebook • Durham Gender Alliance is an online gender-issues support group, whose local members meet once a month on the third Saturday. Email for access to listserve and Facebook page

Transforming Families NC is a peer-led resource and support group for the parents of Trans and gender exploring

 Website:Transforming Families 919-827-1436•  



iNSIDEoUT •  youth-led (and youth-founded) organization by and for LGBTQI+ youth. Based in the NC Triangle area, we strive to connect and support all LGBTQISA-queer individuals and groups near and far.  •Facebook  •

Trans Discussion Group   Internationalist Books, 101 Lloyd Street, Carrboro • 919-370-0671 • • Trans Discussion Group meets two Wednesdays a month at 8pm. The 1st Wed. of the month is open to anyone, and the 3rd Wed. is only for folks who identify as transgender/gender-nonconforming/genderqueer.

The Freedom Center for Social Justice • 4921 Albemarle Rd. Suite 201, Charlotte NC 28205 • 980-729-8454  • Twitter • Founded in 2009, we are committed to providing essential support and advocacy for trans* people, elders, people of color, youth, sexual minorities and communities of faith and facilitating dialogue that opens doors, offers hope, and saves lives.