Transgender. Gender Nonbinary. Gender Fluid. Gender Queer.                 Intersex. Agender. Gender Expansive. Questioning. Exploring. Supporting.

All service is based on the following premises: 

(a) gender and sexual development variations are not disorders;  (b) gender presentations are diverse and varied across cultures; (c) gender involves an interweaving of biology, development and socialization, and culture and context, with all three bearing on any individual’s gender self; (d) gender may be fluid, and is not binary.
— Hildago, et al., 2013


Our mission is to expand the services offered to people across the gender spectrum, to those who are still learning about themselves, and to their families, friends and loved ones. 

Parents, partners, caregivers, and all those seeking to learn more about how to better support someone who identifies across the gender spectrum are welcomed to this warm space to better understand themselves and each other. 

We provide affordable mental health services both in person and via web services (for established patients).

Counseling and mental Health SERVICES

FOR PEOPLE WHO IDENTIFY ACROSS THE GENDER SPECTRUM or who are Exploring their gender identity or expression

We provide services related to gender diversity, like social or medical transitioning, surgical readiness assessments, gender exploration, issues resulting from transphobia, and other concerns. 

Information about letters for hormones/surgery can be found here.  

We also provide services that are relevant to everyone, like treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma (like PTSD), and support for relationships, family, school or work concerns.

Adults and young people are welcome (Age 10 - 18 with consent of a legal guardian). 



Because we are social beings, when our loved ones come out as transgender or gender diverse it often affects us, too. Our services are aimed at providing family, friends, partners and loved ones an opportunity to talk through their emotions, concerns, and reactions in a non-judgmental space.

For parents and caregivers, if desired, we can assist you or your family using family-centered, evidence-based approaches aimed at helping you and your child, adolescent, or young adult develop resiliency and maintain desired relationships.



Enhance your understanding of gender diverse and intersex people. Education or workshops on cultural sensitivity, workshops on cultural competency can be provided to your organization or group. Professional supervision for those seeking to practice gender affirming counseling and assessment is also available. 

For organizations looking to create a more inclusive space, we can provide staff training and consultation to enhance inclusivity for all LGBTQI+ individuals. 

Fees For Counseling and Mental Health Services

The mission of this organization is to improve access to care for people who cannot travel to or afford mental health services.

Therefore, we offer a sliding fee scale for people experiencing financial hardship. In this case, the fee may be as low as $10 per visit. Please complete this form to determine whether you may be eligible for sliding fee. You will receive an email with your eligibility within 48 hours.

Regular FeeS

Initial and Follow-Up Appointment: $125

Reduced Fee Application: Please complete this form


We currently accept some BCBS insurance plans. We can help you file insurance for reimbursement if we're out of network for another insurance plan.


Competent Service and Advocacy

  • Dr. Austen has been proving direct clinical care to people on the gender spectrum for the past five years.  She has also provided services to children who identify as intersex and with adolescents and adults living with HIV/AIDs. Much  of her experience has been as member of medical teams that provide gender affirming medicine such as hormones and primary care.   

  • Dr. Austen took additional coursework and received specialized supervision to gain competence in working with people who identify as transgender, gender nonbinary (and all those across the spectrum) as well as those diagnosed with differences in sexual development.

  • Dr. Austen has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate level courses on human sexual development and LGBT Health and provided presentations to national organizations on Gender Affirming Healthcare.

  • Dr. Austen was a co-author on a fact sheet for parents and caregivers of children who identify as transgender which was developed for the American Psychological Association.

  • She completed her dissertation on sexual and gender identity development, particularly in how we understand people who identify as "questioning."  

  • She earned the 2015 Outstanding Student Award  granted by American Psychological Association Division for Sexual and Gender Diversity for her advocacy and contributions to the field as a student. 


Member, Listed Provider

Member, Listed Provider

   Member, Gender Diversity Work Group       Journal of the Study of Sexual and Gender Diversit y

   Member, Gender Diversity Work Group

   Journal of the Study of Sexual and Gender Diversity

Member, Listed Provider

Member, Listed Provider