Carolina Converge provides affordable services tailored to people across the gender spectrum and their families, partners, and loved ones. 


Sadly, we are not accepting new patients at this time. You are still welcome to email for help with locating resources near you!


We offer: 

  • Counseling for individuals and families
    • Adults and adolescents
      • For topics related to gender and transition 
      • Also for topics that may not be related to gender or transition                 (like depression, anxiety, etc) 
  • Assessments for gender related medical treatment (puberty blockers, hormone treatment, surgical treatment),
  • Letters
    • for safe passage & travel,
    • in support of obtaining legal name/gender marker changes.
    • to support clients in their school or work setting.
    • in support of accessing medically necessary medical and surgical care.

We also provide education, training, and consultation for schools, businesses, and groups aiming to provide a more inclusive space for gender and sexually diverse people (LGBTQI+).

We are not accepting new patients at this time.